Wrecsam Triathlon Club - (WTC)

Roles and Responsibilities - Chairman

Main Purpose of the Role
The Chairman is responsible for the smooth running of the Club committee. The Chairman ensures that all decisions are made collectively and in a democratic manner in the best interests of the club and its members.

Actual Duties Involved
• Chair all Committee Meetings, the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary Meetings.
• Not vote at any Committee Meeting unless he or she declines to take the chair, but shall have the casting vote should meetings be tied on any issue.
• Lead the continuous improvement of the club's development plan.
• Notify Club members promptly of any appointment, resignation or removal of Committee Members.
• Advise all Club members of any proposed changes to the Constitution.
• Report activities of the Club at the Annual General Meeting.
• Review Club accounts prior the Annual General Meeting.
• Inform the British Triathlon Federation (BTF) and Welsh Triathlon (WT) if the Club ceases to operate, or is to be dissolved, and in doing so present a final statement of accounts.
• Ensure that adequate advice and assistance is available to other members of the Committee in the performance of their responsibilities.
• Be available to represent and speak for the Club in the public forum.
• Maintain relationship with BTF, WT and Welsh Athletics.

Liaison with:
• The Committee members
• Club members
• BTF & WT
• Welsh Athletics

The post holder will be responsible to:
• Club members

Meetings to attend:
• Annual General Meeting.
• Management Committee / General Committee.
• Extraordinary meetings
• Sub Committees by request

Estimated time commitment:
• Time commitment will be fairly consistent throughout the year. On average 2-3 hours a week, increasing around committee meetings and AGM.

Term of role:
• The Chairman will be appointed for a period of two years. A new Chairman will then need to be nominated through the AGM recruitment process but the current incumbent can reapply for the role.

Skills Required:
• IT skills (in particular MS Office including MS Outlook, MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint).
• Working knowledge of the Mailchimp software.
• Organisation and communication skills