Wrecsam Triathlon Club - (WTC)

Roles and Responsibilities - Membership Secretary

Main Purpose of the Role
The Membership Secretary is responsible for maintaining and administering a membership database of all members and managing the renewal and removal of all members as applicable. They are also responsible for updating the Welsh Athletics online system with membership details and creating a remittance advice note.
Actual Duties Involved
• Updating the membership form as and when required and updating the version on the Wrecsam Tri Club Website.
• Administering the annual renewal of subscriptions, providing reminders to members when it is time to renew their subscription (usually by the end of Jan for that year) and directing them to the membership form on the website if their details have changed.
• Receive cash and cheques from members and forward to the Treasurer to bank. Treasurer will then confirm when received.
• Instruct Treasurer if any payments have been received by BACS for them to check the club bank account and the Treasurer with confirm back.
• Keeping an accurate and up-to-date record of members contact details, the fees that they have paid, whether they are a member of Welsh Athletics with their membership number and also details of the payment made.
• Send chasing emails to those members who have not paid by the end of Jan and remove non-payers from the membership list after an appropriate period
• Update the Welsh Athletics online system to ensure all member details are up to date in order for them to receive their new membership card and any other correspondence.
• Update the Welsh Athletics online system at the start of April by selecting those members who have paid their Welsh Athletics membership and input any new members details and create a remittance advice note. Forward this to the Treasurer who will arrange payment.
• Keep all committee members updated with an up to date membership list, with any new members highlighted.
• Send a welcome email out to all new members with details of the club, coaching and events. Include details of how to obtain club kit. Also copy in all coaches on the email.
• Use the membership data to create up-to-date mailing lists (for membership, committee , News Bite etc.) on the MailChimp software.
• Attending Executive Meetings and carrying out any action points which may arise as a result of discussions.
• Responding to all membership queries usually via email.
• Active encouragement to gain new members.

Liaison with:
• The Committee members
• Club members
• Welsh Athletics

The post holder will be responsible to:
• Chairperson

Meetings to attend:
• Annual General Meeting
• Management Committee / General Committee
• Sub Committees by request

Estimated time commitment:
• Time commitment will be fairly consistent throughout the year. On average 1 hour a week, increasing around renewal cut off point at the end of Jan which can average 2-3 hours a week. Increased amount of time is needed on 1st April when the Welsh Athletics membership payments are due and checking all members details 2-3 hours around that period.

Term of role:
• The Membership Secretary will be appointed for three years. A new Membership Secretary will then need to be nominated through the AGM recruitment process.

Skills Required:
• IT skills (in particular MS Office including MS Outlook, MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint).
• Working knowledge of the Mailchimp software.
• Organisation and communication skills