9Bar Relay Team captain "Shaun O'Keefe" donates their prize money to ASPIRE
Claire Ballamy beats Tim Burnett out of the water
It's behind you :-)
118 118 - Steve Smith
Steve Crowley - Para Tri winner
Bala Standard transition
Bala transition under water in winter
Two happy athletes
Bala - one of the most beautiful locations in Wales
Had to have one picture with Chris Briffa in it - with Grace Mitchell
The Muppets without who the Charity Swim would not happen
Doonhammer - "Tuck in behind me Tony - you will be fine - Shaun will be history"
The one and only "A Team"
Samba Band "Bloco Swn" play for the duration of the entire race
Tony Sinnett - Can I win it ? Answer - Not in a million years :-)
Not worth a caption
Bala swim start
No wonder there were fast swims - spot the fish
What a goody bag :-)
The Legend - Peter "Stormin" Norman