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Bala - one of the most beautiful locations in Wales
The Muppets without who the Charity Swim would not happen
9Bar Relay Team captain "Shaun O'Keefe" donates their prize money to ASPIRE
Bala transition under water in winter
118 118 - Steve Smith
Claire Ballamy beats Tim Burnett out of the water
What a goody bag :-)
Steve Crowley - Para Tri winner
The one and only "A Team"
Bala swim start
The Legend - Peter "Stormin" Norman
Bala Standard transition
Samba Band "Bloco Swn" play for the duration of the entire race
Not worth a caption
Two happy athletes
Doonhammer - "Tuck in behind me Tony - you will be fine - Shaun will be history"
Tony Sinnett - Can I win it ? Answer - Not in a million years :-)
Had to have one picture with Chris Briffa in it - with Grace Mitchell