Wrecsam Tri Club pledge to get blood pumping with lifesaving donations

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August 22, 2021
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October 22, 2021
Welsh Blood Service

Wrecsam Tri Club are being urged to become lifesavers by giving blood in a campaign from the Welsh Blood Service.

In partnership with Run 4 Wales and Welsh Athletics, the Welsh Blood Service has launched the ‘Giving Runs in your Blood’ campaign, which aims to get the running community in Wales to make lifesaving blood donations and promote the importance of giving blood.

For runners who wish to ‘get set and give blood’, the Welsh Blood Service has created a collection of heart-shaped running routes on its website. Spread across several Welsh cities and towns, it is hoped that club members and supporters will run these routes or create their own routes and share them with their social media followers to encourage them to make a lifesaving blood donation.

Approximately 350 donations of blood are required each day by the Welsh Blood Service to supply 20 hospitals. To do this, they are calling on support from runners and local communities across Wales to make a difference by giving blood.

Blood and its components play a vital role in saving lives every day, with donations helping accident victims, cancer patients, and mothers and newborn babies during childbirth.

It’s easy for anyone aged between 17 and 66 to enrol online and become a lifesaving donor. From start to finish, the donation process takes up to 45 minutes, with the physical blood donation lasting only 5-10 minutes.

With around 1,600 donation sessions at 400 different venues across Wales every year, the running community has plenty of opportunities to find their nearest session and make a difference.

Let’s support the campaign and book online to give blood. Please visit www.wbs.wales/WrecsamTri

                              Welsh Blood Service

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