Andy Bennion

The Chairman is responsible for the smooth running of the Club committee. The Chairman ensures that all decisions are made collectively and in a democratic manner in the best interests of the club and its members.

  • • Chair all Committee Meetings, the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary Meetings
  • • Not vote at any Committee Meeting unless he or she declines to take the chair, but shall have the casting vote should meetings be tied on any issue.
  • • Lead the continuous improvement of the club’s development plan.
  • • Notify Club members promptly of any appointment, resignation or removal of Committee Members.
  • • Advise all Club members of any proposed changes to the Constitution.
  • • Report activities of the Club at the Annual General Meeting.
  • • Review Club accounts prior the Annual General Meeting.
  • • Inform the British Triathlon Federation (BTF) and Welsh Triathlon (WT) if the Club ceases to operate, or is to be dissolved, and in doing so present a final statement of accounts.
  • • Ensure that adequate advice and assistance is available to other members of the Committee in the performance of their responsibilities.
  • • Be available to represent and speak for the Club in the public forum.
  • • Maintain relationship with BTF, WT and Welsh Athletics.


Sionhan Henn

The Treasurer is responsible for supervising the financial assets of the club. They are responsible for the club account and responsible for communicating the state of the clubs finances to the committee.

  • • Monitor club income and outgoings while keeping accurate records for review.
  • • Bank all monies received
  • • Ensure all approved invoices, debts or liabilities are paid.
  • • Present a summary of accounts at the club AGM and at committee meetings as required.
  • • Be a signatory on the club account.
  • • Work with the Membership Secretary and Kit Manager regarding BACS payments.


Christian Edwards

The Secretary is responsible for organising and minuting committee meetings. The Secretary is also a point of contact for the club for non-club personnel.

  • • Ensure meetings are effectively organised and minuted.
  • • Liaise with the Chair to plan meetings.
  • • Circulate agenda and reports.
  • • Take minutes of meetings.
  • • Circulate minutes and make sure actions are carried out.
  • • Keep up to date contact details of committee and club members.
  • • Keep a diary of future meetings and events.

Membership Secretary

Jude Lovell

The Membership Secretary is responsible for maintaining and administering a membership database of all members and managing the renewal and removal of all members as applicable. They are also responsible for updating the Welsh Athletics online system with membership details.

  • • Updating the membership form as and when required and updating the version on the Wrecsam Tri Club Website.
  • • Administering the annual renewal of subscriptions.
  • • Keeping an accurate and up-to-date record of members contact details, the fees that they have paid, whether they are a member of Welsh Athletics with their membership number and also details of the payment made.
  • • Send chasing emails to those members who have not paid by the end of Jan.
  • • Update the Welsh Athletics online system at the start of April.
  • • Send a welcome email out to all new members with details of the club, coaching and events.

Head Coach

Bill Crawshaw

Implement and support a safe and effective training programme that assists the Club’s coaches and triathletes. Help to develop and deliver the vision for your club and coaching team.

  • • To take full responsibility for the club’s coaching sessions.
  • • To prepare all coaching sessions in advance together with other coaches.
  • • To attend club meetings and report on progress when required.
  • • To uphold and abide by the BTF Coaches Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Welfare Officer

Ian Laing

Implement good practice, safeguarding and child protection policies .

  • • Act as the first point of contact for individuals who have queries or concerns regarding safeguarding.
  • • Ensure that all club personnel who work with children / young people have received appropriate training.
  • • Facilitate the process of DBS checks when required.
  • • Receive, record and forward to the Lead Officer of your Home Nation any concerns that are expressed to you.
  • • Keep confidential records of all related documents.
  • • Ensure that the club has a safeguarding and child protection policy and that this is followed and accessible to all.
  • • Be familiar with national safeguarding and child protection policies.

Publicity Secretary

Andy Bennion

The Publicity Secretary is responsible for raising the profile of the club through range of different platforms. They are also responsible for communications between the club and club members.

  • • Regularly produce a club newsletter reflecting major events in the club’s calendar.
  • • Encourage and moderate social media participation between club members.
  • • Encourage input from members into the newsletter.
  • • Maintain the club website with current content.
  • • Try to gain positive media exposure for club activities and events.

Kit Manager

Rob Pullen

The Kit Manager is responsible for the ordering and distributing of club kit. It is their responsibility to ensure Wrecsam Tri can be seen at races!

  • • To facilitate the ordering and distribution of club kit.
  • • To work with the treasurer regarding relevant BACS transfers.
  • • To explore opportunities to introduce new items of kit, subject to the desires of the membership.

Swim Lead

Sarah Wynne-Jones

The swim lead is responsible for development of the swim section of the club

  • • Explore opportunities to provide more (and more varied) swim training opportunities to members.
  • • Work with the head coach on implementing a structure to club swim sessions.
  • • Encourage and co-ordinate participation in local swimming events.

Run Lead

Bill Crawshaw (covering)

The run lead is responsible for the development of the run section of the club.

  • • Explore opportunities to provide more (and more varied) run training opportunities to members.
  • • Work with the head coach on implementing a structure to club run sessions.
  • • Encourage and co-ordinate participation in local running events.