Membership for 2021 is due by 31st January 2021, unless you newly joined in October/November/December 2020, in which case your membership continues throughout 2021. Email reminders will be sent to all members who have not paid.

Club membership rates are as follows:

  • Senior: £12.50
  • Junior member: £7.50 (aged 15 or under on 31 Dec)
  • Social (non-competing) member: £7.50
  • Youth (under 20) – £10

Welsh Athletics membership may be added for the 2020/21 season; this runs from April to March. Rates are as follows:

  • Youth (under 20) – £10
  • Seniors and Masters – £18.50

Whilst Welsh Athletics membership is optional, please note that if you do not decide to join, you will be ineligible to compete in the Borders League and North Wales Cross Country League. Also, you will not be eligible to enter races as an accredited club runner (saving the £2-£5 per race) and you will miss out on insurance offered by Welsh Athletics, see

Similarly, club membership does not include British Triathlon Federation (Welsh Triathlon / Triathlon England / Triathlon Scotland) membership and race license; to compete in triathlons you will need to buy a day license for each race or annual BTF membership. As well as race insurance, this also includes insurance for you whilst training. With the costs of day licenses rising, annual membership may be better value. Club members receive a discount on BTF membership. Details here:

Anyone wishing to pay their membership for 2021, we encourage members to do so via the online payment form at the bottom of this page. We also accept payment via bank transfer, cheque or cash; please contact the membership secretary for bank details. If you choose not to use the online payment option, please download the form below, complete it and return it to me by email.


Senior Club member: £12.50

Add Welsh Athletics: £18.50

Total to Pay: £31.00

Jude Lovell
Membership Secretary,

Wrecsam Tri

The postal address for cheques is Queensway, Wrexham LL13 8UH.


Membership entitles you to:

  • Access to the sessions advertised on our ‘Swim’, ‘Cycle’ and ‘Run’ pages.
  • A discount on BTF membership.
  • Membership of Cycling Time Trials.
  • Inclusion in our club member competitions.
  • An invite to club socials such as the end of season do.

Wrecsam Tri Club Membership Form

Individual Participant Screening and Parental Consent Form

1. Personal Details & Membership Type:

Note: Welsh Athletics membership is REQUIRED to compete in Borders League and North Wales Cross Country League events, and to compete as an affiliated member of Wrecsam Tri in athletics events so qualifying for the affiliated club member discount. Non-members of Welsh Athletics who attempt to claim the discount will not be insured for the event, thus placing yourself and the race organiser at risk.

2. Emergency Contact Details:

3. Medical and Specific Needs

4. Other Participant Information

5. Consent for Participation in Coaching Activities (only required if junior membership option is chosen)

Parental/guardian consent
  I, being the parent/guardian of the child identified below, have read the information on this form and in the following notes and give consent for my child to take part in the coaching sessions. I understand and agree that my son/daughter/child in my care, participates in coaching sessions under the instruction of British Triathlon Federation coaches entirely at his/her own risk. I have considered the nature of such sessions and have discussed them with my son/daughter/child in my care. I am satisfied that they are sufficiently responsible and competent to assume full and entire responsibility for their own safety under the supervision of a British Triathlon Federation coach.   Notes:  
  • You are giving consent for the child named below to participate in coaching sessions.
  • It is part of the Code of Conduct for Triathlon Coaches to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to establish a safe environment where young participants can enjoy developing their triathlon skills. The parent(s)/guardian(s) are welcome to stay and watch the session, but this is not compulsory.
  • Young participants are expected to remain in the session from beginning to end, unless they have to leave early. If the participant has to leave early or is being collected by someone other than the parent/guardian, the parent/guardian must advise the coach of the details of the arrangement, including who will be collecting the participant.
  • Any young participants who persistently misbehave or put others in danger will be asked to leave the sessions and will not be allowed to attend in future.
  Please ensure that you make a note of any medical conditions your child has/you feel the coach should know about in Section 3 of this form. If you have any concerns about your child participating in any form of physical activity, please consult your GP before giving permission for your child to take part in the coaching sessions.