The club run a masters swim session each Thursday at 7:00pm at the Gwyn Evans Sports Centre in Gwersyllt. The sessions are always coached and vary in focus. Swimmers are split into 4 ability based lanes catering for all abilities. New-comers are always welcome; the coaches will always be more than happy to spend a little time with new faces to ensure that they are in the correct lane.

What to expect?

  • All sessions start with a short warm up.
  • Technique based sessions normally consist of a variety of drills followed by a section of ‘threshold’ type repetitions swimming off the clock.
  • These sessions often make use of training aids such as fins, ankle bands and kickboards. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of these, the club provides them!
  • Threshold based sessions may contain little or no drill work with more of a focus on swimming off the clock.
  • For threshold efforts, each lane will be given specific timings to suit the ability level.

Club members often swim in open water in the warmer months of the year. Club members regularly attend organised open water swim sessions on a Tuesday night at Park in the Past (Hope).  These sessions are great for those new to open water. Other open water swim meets are normally adhoc in nature and organised through the club Facebook page. Popular swim spots include the river Dee from Eccleston ferry and the meres around the North Wales border with Cheshire and Shropshire.

Club members regularly swim competitively at open water events, mostly during the warmer months. There are a large amount of open water swimming events in North Wales and the Dee Mile in Chester is always well attended by club members.